The Office of Institutional Effectiveness at Lincoln College operates in conjunction with the Registrar’s Office, combining institutional records and research into a single effort.  The mission of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness is to provide all institutional stakeholders (faculty, students, staff, and the public) with quality, actionable information that can directly inform decision-making regarding the College.

The Institutional Research page offers descriptive statistical information about the College, including recent demographics, retention and graduation rates, and course success and fill rates.  Much of the reporting has been created using MS PowerBI in order to allow visitors to tailor the information displayed to their own interest.

The Assessment page offers detail on how Lincoln College approaches the assessment of its curricula, resources for planning and conducting such assessment, and the outcomes or changes to curricula based on assessment results.

To place a special data request with the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, please complete the IR Data Request Form.

Please note that both the Institutional Research and Assessment pages are undergoing significant reconstruction at this time.  Please contact Nate McCoy, Director of Institutional Records and Research, at (309) 268-4304 or with any questions.