Federal regulations require that all faculty, students, staff and outside investigators who are engaged in human subjects research certify to the IRB that they have completed a program of training in the ethics and best practice of human subjects research before their research protocol can be approved.

Students enrolled in and attending the following courses receive their training in this class: PSY 101, CHS 210, CRT 353, CRT 401, EXS 353, SIT 402, or CJS 490.

All others can receive training through the online training available through Lincoln College. To complete the online training certification:
1) View the Lincoln College IRB training power point found below
2) Contact the Chair of the IRB, Mr. Jeff Kratz, at jkratz@lincolncollege.edu, to request access to the online training quiz for certification.
3) Once you receive word that you have been granted access to the online quiz, complete the quiz (you must earn a 70% on quiz to be certified in IRB ethics training).
4) Indicate the date of completion of the online certification quiz on the IRB Form submitted for approval (in PART I. General Information).