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Program Overview

Perform Now and Share Your Passion! Earn a living doing what you love. The Jazz Studies Program empowers students to explore their artistic, academic, and creative side. Following completion of the Jazz Studies baccalaureate degree, students are prepared to matriculate into a graduate level music program. Graduates are equipped with the vocational skills to secure professional performance opportunities. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Perform and improvise on an instrument as a soloist or in an ensemble, with technical proficiency, e.g., tone production, intonation, articulation, technical facility, and rhythmic conception, and musicality at the level of an advanced student or higher.
  • Read and sight-read music, with correct musical interpretation.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of jazz theory and harmony; possess a vocabulary of jazz figures applicable to improvisation.
  • Work independently by fulfilling weekly musical assignments in applicable courses, applied lessons, and ensembles.
  • Understand the historical context of music from significant periods of jazz history.
  • Compose and arrange music for small and large jazz ensembles.
  • Perform in large ensembles and jazz chamber groups throughout the community.
  • Collaborate, blend, and balance within an ensemble.
  • Find, choose, and research repertoire.
  • Plan and perform a senior recital.
  • Collaborate with other professional musicians.

Why Study This Program?

The Jazz Studies Program helps students transform into quality artists, developing scholars, informed historians, and respectful citizens throughout the community. We are active participants in festivals/assessment, which helps other schools (2 and 4-year) recognize our strengths as a program, and our place in Illinois music education.

Experience & Opportunities

  • Music Internships
  • Working with guest artists and clinicians
  • 3-5 performances a year
  • Bi-yearly trips
  • Qualified Private Lesson Instructors


In addition to preparation for graduate study of jazz, students can prepare for careers as a/n:

  • Composer/Arranger
  • Professional Musician
  • Performing Arts Administrator
  • Music Professor
  • Private Lesson Teacher
  • Music Critic
  • Conductor
  • Music Business
  • Sound and Recording Engineer
  • Music Tour Manager

Required Coursework

MUS 141 Music Theory I
MUS 142 Music Theory II
MUS 241 Music Theory III
MUS 242 Music Theory IV
MUS 319 Jazz History I
MUS 419 Jazz History II
MUS 341 Jazz Arranging I
MUS 441 Jazz Arranging II
MUS 342 Jazz Harmony I
MUS 442 Jazz Harmony II
MUS 361 Jazz Instrumental Techniques I
MUS 461 Jazz Instrumental Techniques II

Private Lessons
Jazz Ensemble
Jazz Combo
Jazz Lab I, II, III, IV
Junior Recital
Senior Recital
Semester Juries

What Our Students Say

“What an amazing group of musicians. It was a true joy to be able to play with them. Everyone should hear this group play. They can swing!”

Richie Garcia, Professional Percussionist

Fall 2017 Lincoln College Jazz Revue:

Next Stop: Harlem